Frequently asked questions

What to bring on attendance?

On a daily basis the children need to bring the following in a clearly labelled bag, but not a plastic shopping bag due to the risks for the child:

  • At least two complete changes of clothes including socks, underwear, pants/shorts/dress, t-shirt/skivvy, jumpers, singlets and shoes.
  • Children toilet training should bring a minimum of 6 pairs of underpants, pants, socks and another pair of shoes.
  • A dummy, bottle, [formula if required] and a comfort toy or rug (if required)
In Winter:
  • Warm hat
  • Coat
  • Gum boots
In Summer
  • Sun hat
  • Clothing that covers shoulders
  • Sunglasses
Please note: that all items of clothing etc, should be clearly labelled with the child’s name. Parents should also ensure that your child is dressed in clothes and shoes that allow them to freely participate in all activities. Do not put their best or going out clothes on your child when they come to the Centre. Children will be participating in many messy activities and whilst smocks etc are provided, children will manage to get some paint etc on their clothes. If children are toilet training, they should be dressed in pants that are easy to remove ie: tracksuit pants or pants with no zips or buttons. It is very important to consider which shoes to send your child to the Centre. Shoes which cover their toes and are fitted to the children’s feet are acceptable. Thongs and slip on shoes are not to be worn to the Centre. If parents are unsure on any clothing requirements please see the staff in your child’s room or the Centre Manager.

When and how to pay fees?

The following information is general details regarding payment of fees at Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre. Fees for the first twoweek’s attendance are due on the first day of enrolment at the centre and thereafter should be paid weekly via direct debit. Full fees are to be paid for all the days the child is enrolled including Public Holidays and days of absence.

How does Childcare Benefit affect fees?

Childcare Benefit (CCB) is available to subsidise your fees. Application forms and information brochures are available from the Centrelink office. Please contact Family Assistance Office (FAO) on 13 6150 when commencing at the centre as FULL FEES will be charged until your CCB percentage is advised to our centre. A full explanation of Childcare Benefits and parent’s responsibilities is available from the centre office

What if I can't collect my child on time?

The centre closes at 6.30pm. Parents/guardians should be aware that their late arrival places significant stress on the children and staff. As a result it is the policy of the Centre that from 6.31pm a late fee of $15.00 for every 15 minutes or part thereof after closing time will apply until the child is collected. This amount is payable immediately and will attract the $20.00 Account keeping fee. Continual lateness will ensure cancellation of care. Should you not collect your child after fifteen minutes; the emergency number on your enrolment form will be called. Should we not be able to contact any one on the contact numbers provided, we will notify the police and follow their instructions. It is very important that the parents/guardians inform the centre if they are going to arrive later than 6.30pm to avoid the above procedure taking place. However this does not exempt the paying of the late fine. It is extremely important that you notify and keep the Centre up to date with your emergency contacts.

What are the Arrivals and pickup procedures?

Children are to be delivered to and collected from inside the building by a responsible adult. Parents/guardians or delegated person/s must sign their children in and out of the centre using the Attendance Book provided in your child’s room. In cases of emergency we need to be sure of who is in the centre. In the case of absences, please telephone the centre when you know your child will be absent. Your child’s absence will need to be recorded on the attendance record as a requirement of the Family Assistance Office. A parent’s signature is also required to acknowledge the absence. Please ensure that a staff member knows when your child has arrived and is informed of their departure. The Centre must be informed if a different adult is delivering or collecting your child or if he/she is being collected earlier or later then usual. This notification must be in writing. Persons collecting children from the service on behalf of parents must be 18 or over.

What if my details change?

It is extremely important for the welfare of each child that the centre maintains current enrolment details. For this reason parents are requested to promptly advise the Centre Manager of any changes to contact details, workplace, marital status, people authorised to contact your child, allergies, immunisation, etc.

How can I enrol my child at your centre?

We strongly advise and recommend that parents visit and tour our centre facilities and to have full consultation with our centre manager to discuss the needs of your child. This will allow parents to make an informed decision about enrolling their children at our centre. The enrolment process includes the completion of an enrolment form plus an "All About me" form for the child(ren) and other required documentations such as the an up-to-date immunisation certificate, any medical action plans from family GP. For families with mulitple children to enrol at our centre, an enrolment form must be completed for each to be enrolled at our centre.

How if I have complaints or concerns about your service?

We value your feed back and concerns seiously as we endevour to always improve our sevices. The parent should initially discuss the concern with the relevant educator. Our educators will address your concern with the centre Manager for an appropriate resolutiion If the parent still feels further action is necessary after discussion with the relevant educator they can call our centre on 9369 5888 or book a 1-on-1 meeting the centre management to discuss the matter.